Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane


Maybe you remember me?
It's me Todd.

I know, it seems like so long since we have chatted, since I paid attention to you…

Well tomorrow morning - early, I depart Edmonton and fly to Montreal for a exciting week of research creation.

I was invited many months ago by the amazing Karen Spencer and Anne Bertrand for a project at Skol. They have called it teasing the furtive or gosser le furtif which is an on-going curatorial project curated by Karen Elaine Spencer. Read more about this and the great furtives (that what I call them) at

Karen is awesome and I fell into love with her work by just reading about it many years ago and I have had the pleasure of curating her and working with her. While this will not do the work justice it often threads social justice and is often situated by the voices of disenfranchised people - often manifesting as one voice that is a collective of many. We are very similar in many ways in terms of our practice and our activities - but she is constant, focused, driven and prolific. Please read her at

Okay, I have to go pack - eight days - me being an artist - no work - limited emails - lots of talking, drinking, watching, and I hope be being ... silent.

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