Saturday, October 3, 2009

Live! in Vancouver with IronMan


So here is another link to the IronMan project where I performed as part of Live! Performance Art Biennale in Vancouver, Canada, in October 2007.



CBC radio's Socket and the angelic Angela Antle


I though it would be great to present an audio link to an interview with Angela Antle. Angela I first met while in St. John's a few years ago and fell smitten.

I hope you enjoy it.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lesson One and Then Some

So it has been over a week since I "got to come home'; and after 71 days in hospital I am really enjoying this place - there is this hunger to be everywhere and be a lot of things, but oddly I want nothing more than to stay at home and not have to answer questions by well-meaning people that look at me with concern and, maybe pity, or at least that is what I have transferred onto them...

I feel there have been lessons learned while I was "healing" - who am I kidding, I am still healing - hopefully by October I might be able to ride my bike - just once before it snows. Just once.

Lesson One
Gilbert was a deep friend, I miss him terribly - I now realize that we would often chat on-line and over the phone and have intimate conversations about our lives and always say let's get together… let's go to a movie… Suzette, Ray and I should have you over for dinner and then life just got in the way.

I think that I have grieved about Gilbert - long before they found his body a month after he went missing and there are still moments when I am pissed off at him because he took his life; times when I am angry at myself for when he said he was sad - or I would ask how he was (knowing that he was down) - but more than anything I miss him and am so sad that he is no longer here and that he was at a place where he thought that this was his only option. Gilbert wanted more than anything to be liked - be popular - to be liked and did so while sacrificing some of himself - but Gilbert's generosity and passion was infectious and I an certain that he reaped so much more. Gilbert and I were friends for 18 years - he was one of my first friends in teh big city of Edmonton and we clicked very early - I will miss him. So my lesson is to tell people who I love more often that I love them and to let them know how important they are in my life.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it has been awhile


So it has been some time since my last blog and being as I am that has caused me to procrastinate about posting something new because I have been feeling bad about that and … well, enough about that. It has been some time because I have been not feeling well and for almost a month I was in pain and felt like doing anything besides getting through the day was just too much. While I am still feeling not super excellent I though at 1 a.m. is just as good a time as any other to begin the process of starting to blog again. I think part of it was that I received an email today from Linda Rae Dornan asking about Visualeyez and also sharing a smidgen about her new work. It was great hearing/reading from her and it got me to thinking about the need to blog again as a method of creating an arvhive about my process and about teh work taht I do that I do not doccument. This came to light even moreso since I dropped my laptop and lost so much information and files and writing.

So here I am again making a committment to at least myself to begin writing again.